Buyer’s Guides

The guides below can be used as references to assist with making an informed & fundamental decision on which bike is best for you.

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3 frame types: 

Carbon Fiber – Lightweight, sexy, absorbs road vibrations, very strong, repairable

  • Aluminum – Offers durability, almost as light as carbon & a lighter material than steel
  • Steel – Heavy, but long lasting great ride qualities similar to Carbon Fiber

2 types of braking systems:

  • Caliper– Reliable, better modulation & easy to service.
  • Disc Brakes –More stopping power, easier on your hands, super smooth feel and suffice in all weather types.
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The ultimate bicycles for commuting & city riding. Fully custom builds hand brazed 100% steel frames made in London since 1976.  

Just Ride L.A., is proud to be a Brompton Premier Partner!

  • 3 Types 
    • M-type (popular)– Fast & comfort riding style
    • S-type- aggressive & quick-paced riding
    • H-type– comfort & upright riding style
  • 3 Frame Builds: 
    • EA – Bare build. No fenders, mudguards or integrated air pump
    • LA – (most common)  with fenders, mudguard/splash protector & pump
    • RA – Inclusion of a rack, pump, fenders & mudguards.
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  • Perfect for rugged riding on a variety of terrains
  • Most mountain bikes are 20-24 speeds
  • Most popular braking systems:  
    • Mechanical Disc– easy to service & easily maintained
    • Hydraulic Disc -have more stopping power and better feel
  • 3 wheel sizes  
    • 26in – lighter and highly maneuverable
    • 27.5in (most common) – efficient maneuvering and technical ability
    • 29in – handles any obstacles & terrain with ease