Brompton Bike Owner’s Guide

Did you know there are over 16,000,000 variations of the Brompton possible? Here we will cover the basics of components, parts, and styles. Use this guide as a reference to build, buy or decipher your Brompton.

The Bars

Here are the 3 frame types to choose from and what type of ride each kind provides.


For riders over 6′ or those who enjoy an upright riding style for comfort


Most popular style offering both comfort & practical commuting capabilities


Light & easily managed. Best for riders seeking an aggressive and thrill evoking ride.

The Gears

Single Speed: For riding on flat even terrain. Not recommended for holding/transporting weight
2 Speeds: For quick & focused riding. Lightweight and sufficient for racing, daily riding, & ease of maintaining.
3 Speeds: For those who are going to ride in an area with gradual inclines interspersed with level terrain.
6 Speeds: For the all over rider. Tackle inclines, rugged roads/paths & carry more with stability.

The Extras

Customization taken a step further. Add lights, Brooks Saddles, Shoulder Bags, Racks and more to really accent the bike.

+ Add dynamo lights. Lights that brighten as you pedal

+ Toolkit with all emergency tools and it fits INSIDE of the bike

+ Hard case or transportation bag for protection & ease of traveling

+ FCB- Front carrier block for snapping bags to the bike for ease of riding


  • Brompton C-Line Black Edition Explore/Racing Green M-Type

  • Brompton C-Line Black Edition Explore/Black H-Type

  • Brompton C-Line Black Edition Explore/Matcha Green H-Type

  • Brompton M6L Raw Lacquer/Brooks B17

  • P-Line S4E Winter Sky/Concrete Grey, Brompton x CHPT 3

  • C-Line H6L Black | Brompton

  • P- Line M4R Electric Metallic Black w/ Rack, Brompton

  • Brompton M6L Black Lacquer