How to fold a Brompton

How to fold a Brompton

Fold up a Brompton and take it with you nearly anywhere from airplanes to subways, then unfold it and you’re ready to ride. Go faster with Brompton’s 3-Speed gear system that gives you the flexibility to conquer any terrain under the sun!

Check out our short video that demonstrates how quickly the Brompton folds and unfolds without the need for tools and see how convenient owning a Brompton is for yourself.

If you know Brompton then you know this inventory moves fast…pun intended.
Brompton’s clever design means that the bike can be easily folded in under 20 seconds. Here’s how in seven simple steps. Brompton bikes fold in seconds without the need for tools!

  1. Release the rear frame and lift the bike, while allowing the rear wheel to swing under the frame.
  2. Unscrew the hinge clamp on the main frame and grip the handlebar support.
  3. Fold the front half of the bike back on itself and hook onto the frame.
  4. Undo the lever allowing the saddle to drop down. Then tighten the lever back up.
  5. Undo the hinge clamp and let the handlebars drop into the position on the outside of the front wheel.
  6. Rotate the crank so the right hand pedal touches the front wheel.
  7. Press the pedal latch and fold the pedal over

And there you have it! You’ve learned how easy it is to fold and unfold a Brompton! Picture yourself speeding through the city with this classic and comfortable bike. Fold the Brompton and take it wherever adventure takes you.

This bike is equipped with 3-Speeds to conquer the terrain, mudguards to keep you dry, and a frame pump to keep the tires full. Like all Bromptons, quality and design are in every detail. Brompton bikes fold in seconds without the need for tools. Unmatched agility and bomb-proof wheels make sure you get where you need to go worry free.

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