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GoPro Hero4 Black Edition
Capture your adventures with the cinematic quality of GoPro's Hero4 Black Edition. It's the first camera of its kind capable of ultra-high resolution 4K30 recording. Experience impossibly lifelike video, gorgeous slow-motion, and razor-sharp resolution—all from a camera that fits in the palm of your hand. Hero4’s Protune mode lets you flex your creativity with advanced manual controls that allow you to customize settings for color, ISO limit, white balance, sharpness, and exposure. Night Photo, Night Lapse, and Auto Low Light modes deliver unprecedented clarity in low-light. The built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities let you control the camera using the included remote and even preview your video using the free GoPro app. The HiLight Tag button enables you to mark key moments while recording so you can quickly locate your best clips for convenient playback, editing, or sharing. GoPro knows that video is only one half the equation, so they equipped the Hero4 with a stellar audio system to ensure your recordings sound smoother and more natural than ever. For still photography, the Hero4 packs a 12-megapixel camera that bursts at 30 frames per second, so your creativity can run as wild as your adventures. GoPro Hero4 Black—powerful, professional, and simply stunning.
Cycliq FLY 6 REAR LIGHT & 720P CAM[V]
$129.99 $169.99 24% Savings
The Cycliq Fly6 Rear light camera is a 720p HD Camera and strong 30 Lumen light combined into one. This is ideal for the regular commuter or the over night racer, with 6 hours charge you are easily able to make your commute in the morning and back in the evening on one battery charge. The Camera Light comes supplied with a 8GB calss 10 memory card which allows you to start using the Fly6 straight from the box. To charge your Fly6 all you have to do is plug in the cable that is supplied in the box. The light comes with a rubber silicone stretch mount which enables the Fly6 to attach to any size and shape seat post. Fly6 comes equipped with incident protection so if you are unable to save your footage after a nasty incident, Fly6 will protect the important footage for you.
$299.99 $349.99 14% Savings
The Cycliq Fly12 Front Light Camera is an ideal product if you are finding yourself going for a ride after work, commuting in the darker hours or if you just want to record some of your rides. The Camera captures your best and worst rides in stunning 1080p quality. To operate the camera, you simply press 1 button to start recording and the same to stop. Its that easy. The Fly12 connects to your phone using bluetooth and Wifi allowing you to adjust your camera settings and more. With the Wireless connectivity you are able to upload your video to the CycliqPlus App which allows you to edit and view your videos on the spot. You are also able to link the camera up with Strava so that your videos display the Strava metrics and readings. As well as 1080p recording the unit also produces a bright 400 Lumens. With multiple lighting options you are able to choose the one that best suits the conditions you are riding in. With a great battery life you are able to do a 10 hour ride whilst recording the whole thing. The battery life is less if you are running both the camera and light. With Nano technology the light can last through any an weather that nature throws your way. Featuring a Smart alarm that's connected via Bluetooth to your phone. When connected to your phone, if the camera/light detects any movement it will let you know via an alarm noise and will also turn on the light and camera automatically to warn off thieves and to provide you with vital evidence. Overall this is a great combination and is the future in cycling.
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