Brompton Nickel Edition M6L

Brompton Nickel Edition M6L
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The top of the superlight range is the S6L, In addition to all of the components of the previous model you get the wider range gearing and titanium (-stays) mudguards for style and substance.

The highly polished electrolysis nickel plating creates exceptional anti-corrosion resistance, normally reserved for mining equipment. Minor variations to the finish appear on each bike, ensuring that the final look is incredibly unique.

Brompton Bicycle Decoder

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COLORS Frame/Extremities
CHPT3- Chapter 3 H-markedly more upright riding position EA- No fenders/Mudguards BK - Black LB- Lagoon Blue BRKF- Ladie's Leather Brooks Saddle BAT3- Front & Rear battery lights TYJ- Kojack Tires 32-349 Schwable COV- Cover w/saddle bag
TM-Tempest Blue
BE- Black Edition M- a more upright ride 2 LA- Fenders/Mudguards
GY - Grey LG-Lime Green BRKM- Men's Leather Brooks Saddle HDSHI-Front dynamo Light TYM- Marathon Tires 37-349 FCB- Front carrier block
Ni- Nickel Edition
S- a sporty ride position 3 RA- Rack/Fenders/Mudguards IV- Ivory BC- Berry Crush
 SADW- Wide  Saddle
HDSON- Rear & Front Dynamo TKT- Toolkit
XX-Superlight P- touring cyclist style. Ideal in traffic 6 Ti- Titanium Extremities TG- Turkish Green RG- Racing Green BRKCRD (only available with CHPT3 Brompton)-Brooks Custom Red BBAG- Brompton Carrier Bag
OR- Orange RL- Raw Lacquer
SBAT- Standard Brompton or Wide Saddle with rapid mini light


Brompton Nickel Edition

Nickel is the sleekest Brompton with the least amount manufactured around the world.