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Brompton S2E: Tempest Blue/Black

Brompton S2E: Tempest Blue/Black


Experience the freedom a Brompton folding bike brings you. A Brompton bike is perfect for those that live, work or play in cities: The bike folds up to a third of its size, and it is suitable to take on all forms of transport – perfect for commuting on trains, popping in the boot of the car and taking out of the city for some fresh air, hailing a taxi when the weather changes or you want to get home late at night.

When folded, a Brompton stays locked together, making an extremely compact package little larger than its wheels.

A deep navy Blue, which delivers style without shouting. Pairs nicely with the silver componentry and is dark enough to conceal dust and spray from the roads. The Brompton S2E in Tempest Blue with black extremities features a S type handlebar, great for a lower, sporty and more responsive ride, a simple two-speed setup just enough of a low gear for occasional hills & shredding.

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