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Brompton S6L Signal Orange Superlight

Brompton S6L Signal Orange Superlight


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Product description

Experience the freedom a Brompton folding bike brings you. A Brompton bike is perfect for those that live, work or play in cities: The bike folds up to a third of its size, and it is suitable to take on all forms of transport – perfect for commuting on trains, popping in the boot of the car and taking out of the city for some fresh air, hailing a taxi when the weather changes or you want to get home late at night.

When folded, a Brompton stays locked together, making an extremely compact package little larger than its wheels.

Brompton Superlight features a titanium front fork, rear frame and other lightweight components, making this range up to 1kg (2.2lbs) lighter than the all-steel Brompton. With the Superlight range it’s easier than ever to jump in and out of trains and take your Brompton up flights of stairs. All this, whilst keeping our promise in delivering a compact fold that can be tucked away neatly at home, under a desk, or in the corner of your local coffee shop.

Stand out in the crowd with bold Signal Orange. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face on every commute or your latest adventure.

The S6L Signal Orange features an S-type handlebar; this is great for a lower, more forward, and sportier position. It boasts a full range of 6 gears covering all riding needs, and it is equipped with mudguards, essential for cycling in any weather.

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 10.6 × 22.2 in


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