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SRAM – Force XG-1270 12-Speed Cassette

SRAM – Force XG-1270 12-Speed Cassette


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With the move to SRAM’s 12-speed road group, the need for a cassette with an extra cog is a given, however, SRAM took it upon itself to completely rethink gear ratios altogether. Thanks to its 10-tooth starting cog, borrowed from its mountain bike technology and afforded by its use of an XDR driver body, the Force XG-1270 12-Speed Cassette provides newer, wider gearing ranges for the modern road, gravel, and cyclocross rider.

Like its Red XG-1290 cassette, SRAM claims 1270 is specifically designed for electronic derailleurs offering smoother and faster shifting. Where it differs is in its use of pinned cogs versus a fully machined cluster where it gains some grams but is significantly less expensive. It’s Mini Cluster construction of steel reduces weight and increases durability and offers a longer lifespan when compared to cogs made of titanium or aluminum. It’s only compatible with wheels using an XDR freehub driver, however, many companies already offer the driver so there’s a good chance all your wheel needs is a simple freehub swap.

What we have really come to enjoy with the XG-1270 12-Speed Cassette is its ability to offer a more gradual gear progression between the cogs thanks to SRAM’s X-Range technology. All 3-gearing options use the smallest possible jumps with at least five one-tooth increments for smoother shifting and a steadier cadence. When used with a 1x chainring or close-ratio (13-tooth jump) 2x chainring, it’s always easy to find just the right gear.

  • SRAM’s Force-level 12-speed road cassette
  • X-Range gearing technology offers smoother and faster shifting
  • More durable than titanium or alloy cogs
  • 10-tooth starting cog helps provide a wider gearing range
  • Engineered to work with an XDR driver body
  • Mini Cluster construction reduces weight and increases durability
  • More gradual gear progression between cogs for efficient pedaling
Cog Sizes
10-26t, 10-28t, 10-33t
Cog Material
Hub Type
XDR freehub driver
Recommended Use
road cycling
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years
Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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