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Zipp Wheels – 303 Carbon Clincher Disc Break Set

Zipp Wheels – 303 Carbon Clincher Disc Break Set



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Zipp’s advanced development lab, nicknamed “the Nest”, has turned to nature seeking solutions to the problems of speed, control, and efficiency. Using the science of biomimicry, the Zipp 454 NSW carbon clincher draws inspiration from an unlikely source: the humpback whale. This wheel showcases an evolutionary leap forward in rim design.

Zipp sought to address the all-too-common problem of crosswind instability. Any rider who’s taken a pair of deep-dish wheels down an exposed decent has had the hair-raising experience of an unpredictable gust nearly resulting in a crash. This occurs because once the wind hits the rim, it results in low-frequency vortices creating what’s called “buffeting”.

The striking Sawtooth™ rim architecture is Zipp’s answer to pesky crosswinds. The biomimetic 53/58-mm deep rim takes inspiration from the tubercles on a humpback whale’s fins. These tubercles provide the whale increased responsiveness as they corral krill, often changing directions or depths to position themselves perfectly. The 24 HyperFoils™ along the 454 NSW rim address side-force by creating less powerful, more predictable high-frequency vortices. Pair this with the HexFin™ ABLC dimples for improved airflow and the result is Zipp’s highest performing wheelset yet.

The 454 NSW rims are laced to the NSW-specific Cognition™ hubs using 18 front / 24 rear Belgian Sapim™ CX-Ray spokes. The rear hub houses the XD-driver compatible Axiom Clutch freehub body, doing away with the standard 3-pawl ratcheting freehub body and opting for a drag-reducing 36-tooth magnetic-operated freehub that disengages while you coast. There is a star-flanged hub in the rear and a scalloped hub shell upfront, increasing durability and reducing the load on the stainless steel Swiss bearings.


  • Claimed weight: 1,525 grams.
  • 18 Sapim® CX-Ray spokes in front, 24 rear.
  • ShowStopper™ brake track.
  • ABLC™ HexFin™ dimples improve aerodynamic performance and crosswind stability.
  • Congition™ NSW-specific hubs with Swiss bearings and Axiom™ clutch technology.
Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 7 in


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